Wednesday, October 2


DAMNED be my folly!
and TO HELL with those expectations!

The other day, I turned the devil away
like a friend I didn't know how to take care of anymore
or an old lover that stopped taking care of me.
He got mean and I could feel it

In the arms of my parents--
In the arms of the most real love I've known--
I saw the meanest
and mostpathetic
thing look at me
into my eyes-----------------
in some darkness that I've made

it [he] looked at me
and left
--'''___without a fight_-"-- which
worries me
more than anything else.

I could be done with my roving.
With my rOving, wAndering, and wOndering
for noW.

I just need someone to cut me some slackkk k     k             k?


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