Sunday, December 29

Eleven Thirty Comes, And

Work was done, the restaurant was locked up. No plans for tonight__________''_just a calm evening with nothing and nowhere
...and no one.

I do have somewhere to go, though. I have some people that might want to see me... I should give him a call... Maybe it's time to stop by whatsherbucket's house again... Maybe I should--

--and before she knew it, it was five in the morning. Netflix still blaring on her computer, a pile of French flashcards to her side, and the night's third shade of lipstick on her misshapen mouth--like she had somewhere to go.
As if she had someone to see.


Wednesday, December 18

world famous

If you could but
catch a glimpse of this 


"i'm trying" she explained
"but you're the first thing i thought about that morning--"

he'll shake his head

"--and every 

[hell] shake his head and
tear* up
the wrapping.