Sunday, September 30


i feel it in my bones

in my throat like a dryswallowed pill without ache

it just has mass
you know?

some substance


i could even deserve it

youre as vain of a bitch as I am a son of a bitch      he said

and thats ok
i feel peace

where its like waltzing


Friday, September 21

The museum

Here, darling, I beckon without talking. Come look at this one.

Using words would ruin it all, so holding hands will have to do.

Ignore the arduous conversation around us----------------------------

It's so fascinating, I cock my head.
It's so beautiful, you squeeze my fingers.

---------------------------slowly turning into curious footsteps.

It's really too bad for these folks, for they don't see what we see;
They just can't seem to take their eyes off of us.


Tuesday, September 11

[ Hello ][ Goodbye ]

...-------------A mere coincidence


?!-------------To unravel a carefully collected composure



A reminder that someone is still thinking about me.
A reminder that someone hasn't forgotten about me.

An assurance that you certainly haven't forgotten about me.

A common affinity for a classic American poet? 1923 I--IX--II--III

What you will, 'Miss Anthrop[e][y]



Saturday, September 8


And then again,
she considered,
Suppose that look--the smallest shift of expressions--suggested that he may be sorry about it all.
She dwelled on the possibility for a moment.
Then she turned the lamp off and fell asleep immediately, leaving the thought to hang alone over her head while she slept with sensitive skin.