Thursday, October 17

cheating and watching:

creating and watching:
(give me just a second)
i love all the time we've spent trying to make something of an emotion that we all have
we all have it but when we can't be normal like the rest
we need these problems to
se[e]-[t] us apart.
set me a   p         a                  r                                       t. please!!!!!!
the feeling a
the turmoil--theyre inside and if icouldbut touch the rim the edge the fringe the BORDER of the brink!!--..
was never so sweet
as when i was
Dragging my feet and Hitting myself.
when i was
breathing in
and out
Where it may fog up and sweeten me,
Like it's all I ever needed for my.

(give me just a minute)
and then when i'm breathing out,
it embeds itself into the rest of the fabric of
"it all."


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  1. those are lovely words. I wish i had talent to write like that! xo