Saturday, February 27

governments health reform

has anyone heard of the governments back story of getting americans to start eating more healthy?
neither did i.
until i wrote it.

"One of the first sighting of what is expected to be many. Salt Circles are appearing throughout the world in various fast food restaurants shocking customers and employees alike. Professionals have translated what they could from the foreign calligraphy and are 95% sure that they are a threat from whomever or whatever is creating them. Many of the circles have similar patterns that all lead to the translation, "We are vegetables. We do not belong in the fryer." Upon further investigation, proof was found of ripped potato sacks and starch samples around the circles. FDA advises all Americans to cut French Fries, Onion Rings, and any other fried vegetable from their diet as a safety precaution. In the meantime, please eat healthy home-cooked meals as an alternative to greasy fast food. Not only for your general health, but, quite frankly, your life"

now i don't know about you, but this sounds serious enough that i'm willing to consider for even a few minutes about cutting fries and fast food out of my diet.