Sunday, November 14

Bing Bong

I've noticed that whether or not your phone has a full keyboard to text on or not, there are still those words that can be misspelled or misinterpreted by your T9 text thing-is that what it's called?
Does anyone know what T9 means?
There are the annoying and extremely common ones like
'go' and 'in'
'home' and 'good'
'supper' and 'purses.'

I was texting someone the other day and typed out the word 'random.'
Now, I have a full keyboard, but the 's' is so close to 'd'...
And though I can't even remember who I was texting or for what purpose, it probably wasn't that big of a deal that I messed up.
Those words just seem particularly dangerous to mix up.

An extremely bored, lifeless, and 'has nothing better to do but update friends on every detail of their life like it's just one, big, portable facebook status' person could send the harmless text:
"I found a random note in my locker"
but when meticulously tricked into typing
"I found a ransom note in my locker,"
they suddenly because a person in search of a kidnapped loved one, inviting you to a full-on investigation even though they actually may be an extremely desperate, lying, and 'has nothing better to do but create fake ransom notes because they are sick of updating friends on their life like it's just one, big, portable facebook status and they actually just wanted to get out of the house even if that act itself compromises their integrity' person.

It's obvious that T9 can change lives in the most sneaky fashion.
If a message can be twisted into a whole new meaning with the two words mentioned above,
Can you even imagine what chaos 'supper' and 'purses' could cause?

Wednesday, November 10

a comic #2

Some of the best and most beautiful things I saw in Greece...
the enormous library,

the genius acoustics in the theater of Dionysus,

the pillars of the Parthenon that are still standing-