Saturday, July 13


"you're out of your mind,"
he says.

he says, "you may be out of your mind,
but there is a
guy who
is looking for a girl
with green eyes and a sad mouth and a pretty body
who cares too much
about her shoes
who admits to not appreciating
the gross or heavy books she reads...
            and is crazy.
and you'll
forget about me once you find each other.
i'm not worried."

     i'm not worried.

she stands up
walks him to the door
and says,
"i'm sorry,"

he says
and lets her kiss him because
he loves her
and because he thinks it might be the last time he gets the chance to.

she watches him disappear down the hallway,
then she takes a gross book from her
and carefully begins          cutting out the pages
so she can
fold them into
roses and cranes.



  1. This is beautiful. And...strangely applicable to my life. Thank you.

    I'm glad I found this.