Tuesday, March 23

aww about google.

i just had fun checking out the fun languages you can change your google page to...
from hacker, to elmer fudd, to pirate.
ah... my kind of search engine.
so i was filling my car up with gas today by the micky's D's on 1600
when i came across this sign.

i don't know about you, but i've been struggling to find a workout routine that's right for me.
looks like this strapping young man has found his though.
easy, and yields quick results!
who knew throwing ninja stars away would make someone so buff so fast?
turns out i learned more than i anticipated today.
on a more serious note...
i don't know what's more concerning.
the fact that this man is going to be walking around humiliatingly disproportional, possibly for the rest of his life,
or the fact that macdonalds feels that people need to be instructed on how to throw trash away.


  1. Seriously? My life would not be able to live without you and your awesome blogness haha. Your 8 reasons why we should be friends are the best reasons ever haha. I do believe we need to work on that :)

    Love Chels

    P.S. I could handle your room not being clean haha, and if we lived together, well, I would teach you sooo many things haha!

  2. Carmen, oh carmen the things you notice :) it just makes me so happy and i love you :) love it keep going! :)