Monday, August 5

May I?

The weather warns me of an ultimatum
and I think I can't wait much longer.


            She walks up to him at one or two in the morning. He ignores her and watches the pink moon with his hands in his pockets until she reaches for him.

            "You have such a serene look on your face," she says, touching it.

            He puts his hand on top of hers and holds it to his cheek for a moment, breathing deeply. Then he pulls her hand down and puts his back in his pocket.

            "Someone needs to take me away from this," he says, eyes wide open. "Someone damned like me, and we'll be together in our everliving--"

            (she has never hated herself more for loving him
            than she did in this moment)

"--I think I can't wait much longer," he whispers.


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