Monday, June 30


My friend and I were talking about higher dimensions and moving across time which eventually led to us talking about the multiverse which is apparently an idea that an atom could contain an entire universe and our universe could be a single atom making up something even

The next thing we talked about was that he told me since we kind of figured out where the big bang happened, we could also figure out earth's location in the universe. (It's just in the corner by the way) and there is actually a chance that there are other people out there because the universe is just too big for us to have happened only once. I don't know if we're that special and it's also kind of nice to think about that being the answer to what comes after death. The answer is: just more life goes on somewhere else. It doesn't matter more or less than we do-----------------
-------it's just there like we are. 

"So what if we're an atom making up a infinitesimal part of another universe and then it just keeps going?" --If we found out where we are in our universe why would it matter if we couldn't find out where our atom is in it's universe(and so on?)?-- "Where the hell are we?"

"I don't know," he said. "Just on a rock somewhere." 

And I think that was as good of an answer as any. So.


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