Sunday, August 19

It's early for nighttime

            I twist on the floor until my back cracks. Satisfied, I let my limbs go limp and feel the pain shoot through a body that doesn't feel comfortable with relaxing quite yet.

            Those glow-in-dark stars really bug me and I forgot to take them down from the ceiling when I was cleaning. Now I don't think I can stand myself up let alone stretch my arms that high to reach them.

            It's not that I mind the crickets--they're really relaxing. The problem is that they don't go with the clock ticking by my ear. Well, they're just the littlest bit too fast so that it sounds like they're both in unison for a few seconds until----- ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' __''__ '- ___'- -____________'_______-_--'-_-_'''_ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ ' _ '''_--'"_____'_"-""_____--

            My eyes blur as the contacts slip away.

In my mouth I taste chocolate kisses.
            On my mouth, the other kisses he left behind.

"...I have good things happening right now, but I don't know where I'm going with all of it...if I'm even going anywhere at all," said the tortoise, uninspired with it's simple, shallow routine.
"I have an idea of where it's taking you--what it's preparing you for--and I don't think you're going to be disappointed," said the tortoise's creator, smiling knowingly and helping the tortoise re-organize it's bookshelf for the fourth time.



  1. Hello again, Tortoise! Hello, Creator. Welcome back.

  2. I love you bebe :)