Monday, March 19

this is The Best i can do

Okay...okay. Write Something good. Just write Something.
Write Something.

i think it was Bukowski that said it's bad to not write Something when you should, but it's worse to try and write Something when you can't.
Or maybe switch that.
My Mom has been GOading me to write, and it was finally enough when she texted:

"You need to post. It's been a month now. I need a fix. Do it now please."

The Thing is, i've really been meaning to write Something for a long time, but i've drained myself of all Brilliance in the past Month of Posts.

i'm coasting```' ' ' '''~~~~~~_~~~~and i'm hydro p l a n i n g .

i've learned an unfortunate Thing about myself: i rather like feeling Anger. i think it's because it's so there and present and...well, feelable. Unlike Numbness.
Not!!! like Apathy.

Mama, i'm sorry. But trying is much too much right now.
i'd like to assure you that it will be worth waiting until i can write Something of Value,

But 'Good [ [ [ somber] ] ] Evening, world.'



  1. To paraphrase Kitty, "Your boring is my exciting." It will hold me for a moment.

    xo mum

  2. I get the same kinda thing - I have trouble writing sometimes.

    I am also very angry today so I guess we're quite similar which is weird because i don't know you.