Thursday, January 27

Imma Git Chooooo!!!

In the midst of a Facebook discussion of proper comma usage, an interesting term came up:
"Serial Comma."
Other names are apparently "Oxford Comma" or "Harvard Comma," which sound significantly less menacing than...
serial comma.

When you finish your essay on the romantic elements in Wordsworth's poetry...

When you proof-read too many times for a grammatical error to somehow slip through your keen eye...

When you exasperatedly figure out that you did NOT have literature class this morning and are grudgingly sitting in the basement of the JFSB and are wondering what classroom the friends you walked here with might be in and you have nothing else to do so you read your essay again and suddenly you find such errors in your essay and of course you have plenty of time to fix it but it turns out you have no means to print it--




P.S. Yes, that last sentence was supposed to look like that. Thanks for catching it.


  1. the harvard comma, it creates so much drama in my life.

  2. that just makes me think of vampire weekend